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NEW DESIGNS ADDED 27TH MARCH 2009 - 32 Designs
Bankers R Wankers
Bankers R WankersBankers Wankers
Cock Inspector
Cock InspectorCock Inspector
Wrap Your Gums Around My Plums
Wrap Your Gums Around My PlumsGums and Plums
Get Your Coat You've Pulled
Get Your Coat You've PulledGet Your Coat
Knob Jockey
Knob JockeyKnob Jockey
You Fucking Stink
You Fucking StinkYou Fucking Stink
Practicing Sex Addict
Practicing Sex AddictSex Addict
Do You Swallow?
Do You Swallow?Do You Swallow?
Get Your Fucking Tits Out
Get Your Fucking Tits OutGet Your Tits Out
Kiss My Peachy Fucking Arse
Kiss My Peachy Fucking ArseKiss My Arse
You'll Fucking Get It!
You'll Fucking Get It!You'll F**kingGet It!
Fuck Me...Cheer Up Love
Fuck Me...Cheer Up LoveCheer Up Love
Don't Worry, I'm A Doctor!
Don't Worry, I'm A Doctor!I'm A Doctor!
I'm A Giver
I'm A GiverI'm A Giver
Fuck Me, I'm Fabulous
Fuck Me, I'm FabulousI'm Fabulous
Fucking Kneel In My Presence
Fucking Kneel In My PresenceFucking Kneel
Do You Want A Fucking Photo Loser?
Do You Want A Fucking Photo Loser?Want A Photo?
Any Chance Of A Shag Fatty?
Any Chance Of A Shag Fatty?Shag Fatty
I'm Single and Desperate
I'm Single and DesperateSingle & Desperate
Who Let The Dogs Out
Who Let The Dogs OutLet The Dogs Out
Billy No Mates
Billy No MatesBilly No Mates
Born To Love
Born To LoveBorn To Love
Cos I Can
Cos I CanCos I Can
Farting Is Funny
Farting Is FunnyFarting Is Funny
I See Dead People
I See Dead PeopleI See Dead People
Just 'Cos
Just 'CosJust 'Cos
International Man Of Mystery
International Man Of MysteryMan Of Mystery
Real Men Have Multiple Chins
Real Men Have Multiple ChinsMultiple Chins
Plonk Wit
Plonk WitPlonk Wit
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